Carolina Panthers

The concept outlined a cutting-edge content studio located in a brand new training facility, providing unprecedented access to the players. The highly adaptable environment caters to the needs of three different audiences – Carolina Panthers, Charlotte FC and sponsors – with color changes relative to lighting, digital media/LED screens, and a mix of informal seated and stand-up presentation areas, playing a significant role in transforming the atmosphere. The facility aims to make the studio part of the fan experience by offering VIP tours with different access options, and features a pop-out window where fans can literally “pop-in” to the studio for a closer look.

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The content studio allows the teams a multitude of options to produce digital content and host events while keeping fans at the center of the experience.


Design Firm
Provost Studio
Studio Design
Peter Provost
Scenic Fabrication
Scenic Inc.
Lighting Design
Lighting Design Group
Architect of Record
General Contractor
Mascaro Construction / Barton Mallow






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