With the rise of video content by both commercial and non-traditional broadcasters, webcast studios and video producers are continually faced with generating round the clock content and achieving the impossible within limited production space. The big challenge I hear day in and day out is…”we need flexibility, we need flexibility, we need flexibility…”

Usually this request for flexibility means having the ability to create different looks for different content segments and talent positions. Specifically, with this post, I wanted to feature two examples of how we have addressed this need for visual flexibility when a studio is shared between two brands and potentially two difference audiences.

CASE STUDY: Chicago Magazine/ Red Eye Magazine Webcast Studio

This studio designed and fabricated for Tribune Media (now part NexStar Media Group) was shared between Chicago Magazine and Red Eye Magazine.

The main design challenge was to create and scenic environment that accommodates two brands with distinctly different audiences and therefore, two different aesthetic and functional expressions of those brands.

Studio Set-up 1: Chicago Magazine

Studio Set-up 2: RedEye Magazine

Conceptually, the resulting set design is like a scenic “Swiss Army knife”. Provost Studio designed the set elements to be interchangeable, re-configurable and adaptable. This allows the studio to convert back-and-forth from one brand to another. 

The studio’s key design features include:

  • Sliding and pivoting wall panels allow quick scene changes
  • Elements, like tables and carts, transform to reflect each brand
  • Dramatic, color-changing LED lighting
  • Large-format display monitors for brand specific dynamic media content

CASE STUDY: BlackRock Studio Webcast Studio

The new studio for the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, needed provide visual flexibility between its BlackRock and iShares brands; very similar audiences but two distinct content production initiatives.

Our design solution: Using a shared brand color (yellow) as a permanent bold color and LED color changing light boxes, our team developed a bold on-air identity that is both “visually flexible” and differentiates both brands from their industry peers.

Conceptual Rendering
Studio Installation Photo
Guest One Shot
Detail at Wall Panel

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